In-Person Whiskey Tasting


Learn about the history of the world-renowned liquor and how it is consumed around the globe. Let our trained and knowledgeable whiskey sommelier run through the history of the drink and how it is made from fermented grain mash. Typically aged in wooden casks, the drink has become an immensely popular choice for tasting experiences… Did you know that 42 bottles of whiskey are exported from Scotland every second! 


Whether you are a whiskey novice or a whisky lover, this experience will provide a variety of whiskeys blended around the world to match your palate. You will be guided through how best to taste the liquor, this is a very personal experience as everyone’s taste will slightly differ, creating a unique focal point for discussing and networking with others. Your sommelier will teach you the different flavours, tastes and aromas using the colour wheel provided in your event hamper. 


The whiskies chosen by our expert sommelier will be chosen with your taste in mind, we often pick out unique whiskies that can be a little harder to find. To get a flavour of what you may taste, the experience is likely to include a Scotch whiskey, an Irish whiskey and a Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey. The distillation and ingredients used in different regions can significantly differ the experience of every drink, you may find the scotch has a sense of smokiness, whereas the American bourbon has a sweeter identity. 


To create a truly memorable experience, WeHost will make use of gamification techniques to immerse your audience further into the world of whiskey. The gamification will be created with your event in mind, it often includes an interactive quiz, a poll or even a bingo session to show your knowledge of whiskey. Introducing games as part of the tasting experience, will encourage your guests to unwind and collaborate as part of a team, whilst also competing as an individual to top the leaderboard and be crowned the whiskey connoisseur.

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