In-Person Wine Tasting


Let our experienced sommeliers/wine experts take you on a journey, through all four continents, showing you the very best wine the world has to offer. You’ll be guided through the fundamentals of wine and will be challenged with interactive quizzes to importantly teach you how to taste wine!


Every wine will be personally selected to suit your taste and requirements and we aim to offer a unique experience that you will never forget… (depending on the amount of wine consumed)…

How it works

Our experienced sommeliers and event planners will support the planning stages of your event, from your initial enquiry to delivery. After giving the green light for your Wine Tasting event, it is time to carry on the planning. Our team is trained to deliver premium experiences across the United Kingdom and will be able to support you in creating the dream experience.


Firstly, choosing the right venue is important to achieve the correct aesthetic for your upcoming event, this is something our team will be able to assist with if you are not sure about the location of your event. Lots of venues complement our tasting very well, it all depends on your event goals and the atmosphere you wish to create for those attending. If you want to keep it simple, WeHost can even run the event in your office space, who doesn’t love wine in the office! 


With all of the pre-event prep and engagement complete, it is time to get tasting! Our passionate team of sommeliers will have curated a list of different wines that your group will be tasting, these can be personalised to your taste. Each guest will be given a tasting hamper to treat their palate, and a tasting chart and will be educated on how best to swirl, sip and savour their wine. Enjoy, learn and take part in our gamification elements to become the wine connoisseur of your group. Top the leaderboard in competitive quizzes, vote in polls and much more. Guests are welcome to take part as an individual, proving how much they know about wine alone or can work as a team against other guests attending the event. 


Our team will take care of the logistics, from providing the wine hampers to hosting the sessions. All you need to do is gather your group at your chosen venue and have fun! A great experience for improving Corporate Social Responsibility, encouraging people to expand their network and increasing your brand awareness.

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Your Event

Customise your event with personalised invitations for all of your guests, themed packages or add additional extras to make your evening suit you.