Virtual Wacky Races

Racing timeline

19:50 Pre-Event Briefing

Your event organiser jumps onto Zoom 10 minutes prior to the start time of your event to discuss final preparations including the event timeline, amount of betting chips and prizes etc!

19:55 Waiting Room

Tell your guests to arrive 5 minutes early (so we can begin promptly on your event start time). They will gather in the waiting room and when ready we will let them into the main room lobby to socialise and chat amongst themselves.

20:00 Intro

Your host for the event will welcome everybody, explain the runnning order and the rules of the racing games and competition! Any intro from your organiser, company owner or birthday boy/girl can be arranged here also. In the background one of our team will be allocating guests into their designated breakout rooms.

20:10 Breakout Rooms

When all guests are ready, we will open the breakout rooms and guests will automatically be whisked off to their private room with their dedicated Race Night Host. Don’t worry if attendees arrive late, we always leave one room as the main room so our Host can speedily whisk them off to where they need to be!

20:15 Race Event 1

Races commence in the rooms for the first session. Typically in a 45-minute session we will get through 9 horse races. Each player has a digital name tag against their physical chip stack. The host goes around the table asking what bets each guest wants to place on what horses as they attempt to climb their way up the leaderboard. We then head off to the race course with full commentary and onscreen graphics to encourage your guests to cheer their horse to the finish line!

21:10 Race Event 2

At the halfway point we can bring everybody back into the main room to socialise and chat/brag about how they are getting on. In the background our Croupiers will be totalling up the current scores and updating the leaderboard providing guests an opportunity to restock their drinks. Just before we go back into the second half of games we will unveil the current leaderboard standings!

21:50 Winner Reveal & Closing Speeches

When all games have finished, guests return to the main room and eagerly await the final scores. Each room winner is slowly revealed, along with with any team competitions between the different rooms. Finally, we crown our overall race event winner and celebration ensues as we spotlight the video feed of the winner and prizes are handed out accordingly!

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