Gameshow Mashup at The Belfry


At WeHost, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional corporate events that bring teams together and create lasting memories. Recently, we had the privilege of working with Park Holidays & Park Leisure for their highly anticipated yearly celebration event.


 Held at the prestigious Belfry Birmingham on September 6th, 2022, this event aimed to unite management staff in a day filled with excitement, friendly competition, and camaraderie. Led by the charismatic host Smokey Joe, the event unfolded on a bespoke online platform specially branded for Park Holidays, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience for all 200 guests.



A Platform for Connection

To kick off the festivities, invited guests were welcomed to the bespoke online platform, designed with the Park Holidays branding. They eagerly entered their full names and table number, creating a sense of anticipation and table camaraderie even before the event began. The platform served as a hub for all the interactive activities and games, fostering engagement and a feeling of unity among the participants. 


Game 1: 1% Club - Survivor Trivia:

Host Smokey Joe guided groups of guests through the first game, known as the 1% Club. This thrilling challenge encouraged logical thinking and quick decision-making. Guests could only advance to the next round if they provided the correct answer. With each correct response, the tension and excitement grew as teams fought to prove their expertise and secure a spot in the next round.


Game 2: The Big Fat Quiz:

The next game, aptly named The Big Fat Quiz, put participants’ knowledge to the test. It featured a wide range of quiz questions, including sports, music, movies, and more. The guests had the opportunity to showcase their trivia prowess, earning points for each correct answer. The guests with the ‘fastest fingers’ on the correct answer will win the most amount of points for each question. 


Game 3: Horse Racing:

In a nod to the thrilling world of horse racing, the event featured an exciting virtual horse racing game. Through the online platform, guests had the chance to place bets on their favorite horses and cheer them on while viewing live footage on a captivating LED digital screen. The suspenseful races added an extra layer of excitement and encouraged friendly competition among the attendees.


The Grand Finale:

To conclude the event in style, the top four guests from the previous games competed in a hilarious horse hopper race. Each participant had their face uploaded to our betting platform, allowing other guests to place bets on the management team member they believed would emerge as the champion. The thrilling race had the crowd on their feet, cheering and laughing as they supported their chosen jockey.


A Resounding Success:

Overall, the Park Holidays & Park Leisure celebration event organized by WeHost was a resounding success. The carefully curated games and activities created an atmosphere of collaboration, friendly competition, and unity among the management staff. The bespoke online platform, hosted by the charismatic Smokey Joe, provided a seamless and engaging experience for all 200 guests. From the intellectual challenges of the 1% Club and The Big Fat Quiz to the exhilaration of virtual horse racing and the uproarious horse hopper race, every moment was designed to leave a lasting impression.



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