In-Person Bingo


WeHost’s Bingo makes use of gamification techniques to allow you to interactively play along on your device as the game begins on the projector screen at your event space. Be quick to dab your numbers in this fast-paced experience, led by a live bingo host calling the numbers. 


Not looking for numbered bingo? You can always create your own digital bingo card, a great way to celebrate your company, charity or achieve your event goal. Our Bingo USP is the high level of customisation the platform provides, if you want a bespoke round on a niche topic, WeHost’s event planners will make it happen. Once created and proven to be a hit for your crowd, this will be delivered live at the venue and will be packaged in your event branding and style.

Rules of play

Bingo has gone paperless, forget the bingo dabber for this experience as WeHost’s gamification brings cutting-edge technology to your device. Simply, play along on your mobile device (everyone has one these days!) by following the QR Code/URL link provided by your quizmaster at your event. Fill in your name and listen out for the starting gong sounding that it is Bingo time!


Check out your bingo card shown on your device (hopefully a winning card!). Your host will announce the numbers drawn using a PA system, all you need to do is eagerly mark the called number on your device by clicking to receive 5 points per number. Completed a line? 100 points to you! It is not over though… the first player to correctly call “Bingo” on the first full blackout (full house) will claim victory! 


Looking to award prizes? Not a problem, your bingo host will frequently highlight the top players on the individual and team leaderboard. You can view this on your device or on the 150” inch Bingo screen at your event. After finishing the traditional numbered bingo, why not combine the leaderboards with our alternative games such as Quiz/Drag/Music Bingo and much more!

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