In-Person Gameshow Mashup


Audience engagement is the key in this experience. This popular experience is delivered using AV equipment at a venue of your choice, with an awesome host to engage the crowd. All guests will join the platform and compete in multiple games. This experience allows guests to network as part of a team or as an individual, while competing in the real time leaderboards. You will be challenged to climb the leaderboard to knock your colleagues off the top spot!

Your team will be laughing at their device while working as a team to climb the leaderboard. With a variety of exciting, unique and engaging experiences to boost your company’s culture, what are you waiting for… let our host entertain the office for your next event!


Workplace Feud: A work-focused version of the famous game show Family Feud. Example questions include “name an occasion when you might buy a coworker a present,” and “Name something you could not get through the workday without.” The purpose of the game is to boost teamwork, encourage camaraderie, and allow employees to understand and predict how fellow friends and colleagues think.


1% Club: This game show pits contestants with the challenge of making it to the end, they must correctly answer a question only 1% of the group would get right, so it’s no easy task!


Name That Tune: Can you name the tune in the lowest amount of notes? Bid against other teams to see who can ‘Name The Tune’. The Price is Right: Presented with a number of 80’s retro items the teams must agree on a price for each one.


Movie Themes: Can you recognise the theme tunes of some of the big blockbuster movies! From Black Beauty to Back To The Future!


Play Your Cards Right: Just like the tv show, guests are all invited to indicate higher or lower as the cards are produced by the host.


The Horse Hopper Race: Choose your runners in the workplace, place your fun bets on who is the best on their hopper and 3,2,1… GO! Time to cheer your colleague and hope you chose the correct horse hopper!

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