Festive Jingle Bingo


Welcome to Jingle Bingo – the ultimate festive teambuilding experience! Get ready to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with a series of exciting bingo rounds, each with its own unique twist. To begin, your host will invite you to join our digital platform with your mobile device, this will be shown on screen at both virtual and in-person events. Enter yoru name, create a team name and hit join! Be creative and festive, and show off your team spirit.



Event Format

In the first round, we’ll play Festive Musical Bingo, where instead of numbers, we’ll mark off squares with beloved holiday songs. Can you guess the song before your opponents? Each correct guess will earn your team 5 points. Simply hit the correct square on your bingo card, shown on your mobile device! 


The second round is Traditional Numbered Bingo, but with a festive twist. We’ll use numbers that relate to the holiday season, such as the famous “12 days of Christmas”. Mark off your numbers and aim for a full house to earn a whopping 100 points!


In the third round, we’ll test your knowledge of classic Christmas movies with Movie Bingo. We’ll call out quotes from holiday films, and you’ll mark off the corresponding movie title on your card. Get ready to shout “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!” for a chance to win 5 points per square.


If you would like, we offer Festive Drag Queen Bingo, where our fabulous drag queens will call out the numbers and entertain the crowd with their hilarious commentary. Can you keep a straight face long enough to mark off your numbers? This round is worth 5 points per square.


Throughout the game, we’ll keep track of team and individual scores on our leaderboards. Will your team take the top spot, or will an individual player come out on top? The choice is yours!


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