The Kentucky Derby Trivia & Horse Racing Experience

Welcome to the the Kentucky Derby Trivia & Horse Racing Experience! Are you ready to prove your knowledge and learn about the history of the Kentucky Derby? Gather your team, join our bespoke platform on your mobile device or laptop and top the leaderboard. During the experience, you will participate in a tense quiz against your competitors followed by a friendly competition to see who can pick the winning horse in the series of Kentucky Derby horse races. 


First, we’ll start with the quiz. You’ll be presented with a series of multiple-choice questions about the Kentucky Derby’s history, traditions, and famous horses. You’ll have a limited time to answer each question, and the quicker you respond correctly the more points you win! Once the time is up, the crowd responses will be shown to see how many people got the answer correct and who won the most points.


After the quiz, we’ll move on to the horse race competition. You’ll be given a list of the horses running in the race, the previous racing form of the horses and you’ll get to pick which one you think will win. You’ll be betting with virtual points, so there’s no need to worry about losing real money.


Once everyone has made their pick, we’ll watch the race together as a team and see which horse comes out on top. The crowd will be cheering as the horses traverse the racecourse and then the winners will be revealed as the race ends! The players who picked the winning horse will win points for the leaderboard, and the person with the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winner.


Throughout the experience, we’ll keep track of the individual and team leaderboards to see who’s in the lead. And of course, we’ll show the crowd responses for both the quiz and the horse race to add some extra excitement to the game.


Get ready to have some fun and test your knowledge of the Kentucky Derby!

Racing timeline

19:50 Pre-Event Briefing

Your event organiser jumps onto Zoom 10 minutes prior to the start time of your event to discuss final preparations including the event timeline, your company branding on the platform and prizes etc!

19:55 Waiting Room

Tell your guests to arrive 5 minutes early (so we can begin promptly on your event start time). They will gather in the waiting room and when ready we will let them into the main room lobby to socialise and chat amongst themselves.

20:00 Intro

Your host for the event will welcome everybody, explain the runnning order and the rules of the racing games and competition! Any intro from your organiser, company owner or birthday boy/girl can be arranged here also. In the background, our team will be playing tense horse racing themed music to excite your guests!

20:05 Kentucky Derby Trivia

We are ready to start the Kentucky Derby Trivia! In this part of the experience, you’ll get to test your knowledge of the history, traditions, and famous horses of the Kentucky Derby. You can play as an individual or as a team, and all answers will be submitted via your mobile device.


The trivia questions will cover a range of topics related to the Kentucky Derby, including the history of the race, famous horses and jockeys, and traditions like the mint julep and the singing of “My Old Kentucky Home.”


Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Kentucky Derby or just looking to learn more about this iconic horse race, the Kentucky Derby Trivia is a fun and engaging way to test your team’s knowledge and compete with others. So get ready to put your thinking cap on and show off your expertise of the Kentucky Derby!

20:25 Races Begin

The points from the trivia will be carried across to the second half of the experience. In this part, you and your team will be educated by the live host about horse racing form. You will then be tasked with studying the horses for each of the races and placing your bet on your mobile device. Spread your bets with your team or all choose to back one horse and maximise your points if you win. 


Once all bets are in and the horse are ready, our guide will showcase the horse racing footage and you will be cheering your horse to victory (hopefully!). For each race, you will be awarded a set number of points, this is dependent on the odds of the horse in each specific race. 

21:50 Winner Reveal & Closing Speeches

When all games have finished, guests return to the main room and eagerly await the final scores from the Trivia and the Races, these will be combined. Each winner is slowly revealed, along with with any team scores. Finally, we crown our overall race event winner and celebration ensues as we spotlight the video feed of the winner and prizes are handed out accordingly!

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