St. Paddy’s Pub Quiz


Get ready to put on your thinking cap and test your knowledge of all things Irish with our St. Patrick’s Day Quiz! This interactive trivia game is packed with challenging questions that cover a wide range of topics, including Irish history, culture, language, folklore, and more.


But this quiz isn’t just about answering questions. It’s also a great teambuilding activity for global teams that encourages collaboration and friendly competition among coworkers, friends, or family members. Divide into teams, create a team name and work together and as an individual to answer questions and climb the leaderboard.


From identifying famous Irish landmarks to recalling iconic Irish songs and dances, you and your team will have a blast putting your skills to the test. So, gather your team, and let the luck of the Irish guide you to victory!


With multiple rounds and varying levels of difficulty, our St. Patrick’s Day Quiz is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and boost your team’s morale. So, put your knowledge to the test and see which team comes out on top!

Event Format

With 50 curated questions split into 5 rounds, the St Paddy’s Pub Quiz is designed to be an entertaining experience for all groups while educating global guests about irish culture and history. An experience to be enjoyed either as part of a remote team or in-person in an office space. 



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