The Year Ahead: Quiz Experience


The Year Ahead Teambuilding Quiz is a fun and engaging way to kick off the new year with your team. The quiz is designed to test participants’ knowledge of key people, moments, and events in the upcoming year.


Participants can expect questions about major events like the Olympics, elections, and conferences, as well as anticipated moments in pop culture, technology, and more. The quiz can also include questions about upcoming product launches, company goals, and milestones to encourage team members to learn about what’s ahead in the year.


Overall, the Year Ahead Teambuilding Quiz is a great way to build excitement and foster a shared sense of anticipation for the year ahead, while encouraging employees to work together and learn more about the key moments and people shaping the coming months.

Event Format

With 50 curated questions split into 5 rounds, the 2023 quiz is designed to promote learning and engagement for remote and in-office teams alike. Ultimately, testing teams on their knowledge of the world around them, and helping employees to navigate the upcoming challenges and opportunities unfolding over the next 12 months.



All you need is:

Quiz rounds for global teams

1. 2023 Sporting Events

Test your knowledge on the biggest and best Sporting events in 2023.

2. History in the Making

2023 certainly will be a year etched in history. Get ready to be quizzed on political and geographical events in the coming year.

3. A year at the Cinema

Find out about all of the cool movies and films coming to the big screen this year.

4. Musical Memories

Who will be creating lasting memories on stage and in the studio in 2023, from awards to musicians this will cover everything. 

5. Anniversaries & General Knowledge

DOUBLE POINT for our final round, a tough round challenging guests knowledge on the monumental anniversaries and much more in 2023. 



Add a Custom Round

This quiz can be tailored to your team’s specific interests and industry. 


For example, a technology company might include questions about upcoming product releases and conferences in the industry, while a media company might include questions about anticipated movies, TV shows, and music releases.



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