Virtual Musical Bingo


Our bespoke platform provides each player with a bingo card, showcasing some of the best and well-known artists who have released chart hits since the early 00’s. Listen for the songs on the meeting platform and interactively mark the bingo squares on your mobile device or laptop. Your host will call the songs and you will be entered into the live leaderboard against your colleagues, earning 5 points per square! 



With 12 different ways to win on your bingo card, the aim is to score the first line, be sure to announce this to the group by shouting “BINGO!”. You will recieve up to 100 points per bingo, decreasing as the game progresses. Be the first to score a ‘blackout’ or ‘full house’ by completing the bingo square according to the songs played by your host. 


With some nostalgic songs, this will leave a great impression on your global team. WeHost can go-to-town with custom options to create a unique quiz bingo experience tailored to your company with branded logos and colours. 


Rules of play

Don’t worry about buying a bingo dabber for this experience, all you need is your computer to interact with your fellow guests (or competitors) and your phone to ‘dab’ your bingo squares. Forgot to bring a charged phone? You are more than welcome to play along using split-screen features on your computer. 


Once you join the video meeting, your host will welcome you in and guide you through how the virtual experience will run. You will be encouraged to join our bespoke Bingo platform on your mobile phone through the ease of QR codes. The platform can be customized to suit your team. WeHost’s modern and interactive platform is great as it requires no sign-up or download to join! 



Listen out for the starting gong and then it is time to play… Listen out for the songs played by your host and eagerly tap the called bingo square on your device to recieve 5 points per number, 100 points per horizontal/vertical bingo and win the session by calling “Bingo” on the first blackout full house! 


Your bingo caller will be frequently highlighting the top players by showing the individual and team leaderboards. Typically, guests play multiple games of bingo, such as Traditional, Musical and Emoji bingo. The leaderboards can be combined with our various bingo options such as Quiz/Drag/Music/Happy Hour Bingo. After all of the bingo is complete, our host will crown the overall winners in the prize ceremony!

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