Virtual Drag Roulette


Fancy a hilarious night in with your friends or colleagues on Zoom?

Then look no further than all-new WeHost entertainment provided by our resident Drag Queens… Xa’ Scarlett & Amber Dextris!


Comedy, jokes, fun gambling and balls all rolled up into 1-3 hours of an experience you will never forget.

Suitable for groups of 5-500 people, all playing for WeHost Chips in an attempt to climb the Leaderboard and be crowned the ultimate DIVA!


Not for the faint hearted, this “Rated 18” Drag act will have you in stitches as you see what Amber will do next whilst spinning the roulette wheel. You can even book Miss Dextris live for your event as the main Host if you want to go all out on entertaining! Heckling is advised!


All you need is:

How it works

Amber Dextris/Xa’ Scarlett (if booked as your Host) and her fleet of Casino Dealers will welcome you and your Guests to a meeting (provided by us!)
You can all mingle in the main lobby whilst we sort out any breakout rooms required; Amber or our Host will talk you through the event and how to play Roulette.


The competition will be explained and prizes will be revealed. Typically you will all start with $300 of FUN Casino chips. Your aim is to make that into thousands…. remember Amber’s a high roller darling.


You will then automatically be sent off into your breakout room with your own dedicated Host, happily adding your name to the tables and spinning that wheel.


You then sit back, relax; with cocktail in hand of course, and your Host will ask you what bets you want to place on the Roulette table! Bigger stacks are best, remember.


Once all bets have been placed, all breakout rooms then get to see Amber centre-stage as she spins the Roulette Wheel in the only way she knows (with a gin in hand!). Every spin results in a hilarious performance from Amber that will have your audience in stitches!
The action then returns back to your live table and Host whereby losers are cleared off the board and winners are paid out their chips. (You gotta grow that stack!)

Players continue to make bets in their attempt to climb the Leaderboard!
Once game time ends, we head back to the main lobby where you get to mingle with all of the other Guests. Then, it’s time to brag as we slowly unveil the final Leaderboard. Your Host will spotlight the lucky winners of each room giving them their much-deserved moment in the limelight!

You can always choose to include Drag Roulette with our other Casino games to make a varied and entertaining virtual event!

If you would love to meet our BEAUTIFUL Amber during your event, then just let us know. For only £250 (since this Diva takes many hours to get ready), she can be the Main Host of your event, involving your audience and making jokes with and at your expense!
She’s worth every penny!

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