Black History Month Quiz


Celebrate Black History Month with an engaging virtual team trivia event! Compete individually and as part of a team to answer trivia questions designed to raise awareness of Black History. 


In this modern quiz experience, your group is guided through 5 rounds of unique Black History Month themed questions with questions covering well-known black musicians such as Aretha Franklin, famous sport stars such as Pelé, influential movie stars and civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr.


Black history month quiz rounds

1. Celebrating Music

Featuring artists such as Aretha Franklin, the music round highlights the best artists and songs influential in Black History. 


2. Historical Sporting Moments

From football to boxing, baseball to tennis and NBA to the olympics, this round focuses on the best sporting atheletes and moments.


3. Movie Time

A round covering the best actors, movies and awards.  


4. Historical Events

This round is all about raising awareness for Black History, by educating global teams on the historical moments that have shaped Black History. 

5. General Knowledge

DOUBLE POINT for our final round, a tough round designed to challenge and educate guests on the less-well known bits of historical knowledge.



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