Virtual World Cup Quiz


An experience not only for the avid football fans, this quiz will celebrate the love of the World Cup for everyone taking part. Get ready and choose your team captain in our exciting, competitive and friendly quiz. 



Discuss your team tactics and compete in a tense quiz and a fast-paced football bingo session. Will you have what it takes to win the WeHost World Cup? Check out the event schedule below. 



Kick Off... The WeHost World Cup Quiz

Time for the quiz, show your skills on WeHost’s Web App and challenge your players to top the leaderboard. Not only do you need to get the answers correct, our quiz is designed to be fast-paced with the most amount of points for the fastest finger. Score up to 100 points per question, collaborate as a team and see who in your team will win the golden boot.


Second Half... Premier League Bingo

Your World Cup knowledge was great in the first half. 


Now is your time to shine in the Premier League. How well do you know the teams and the players? Check our the bingo card on your device and get ready to mark your teams/players to earn 5 points per bingo square and 100 points for a fullhouse! Will your team win at full time?  


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