Virtual Gin Tasting


Explore the world of gin in a virtual worldwide tour, take a trip to distilleries in Europe, Asia and South America to see how they distill their gin using various methods. Along the virtual tour, be sure to socialise, learn and get a little tipsy sipping your gin. These gins will be selected by our experienced sommelier who will be in charge of designing, packaging and sending your hampers to your guests for the event. Each hamper will include tasty gin samples, tonics and garnishes to be enjoyed throughout the experience. Your event host will guide you through which gins you need from the hamper as the tour begins.  


Get to know your gin enthusiast, learn the processes involved in making gin and become a tasting professional with a tasting chart designed to help you sense the flavours of each drink. A great way to connect your remote employees, improve corporate social responsibility and allow guests to network wherever they are based in an informal virtual environment. It is not only the event that will impress them, the arrival of their personalized hamper at their door or office space will get them excited for the event before it takes place.


Once the tasting is well and truly underway, your team will be introduced to our digital gaming platform, allowing them to compete in friendly quizzes, gin bingo and many more games. They will be able to take part on their mobile device while on the meeting platform and be encouraged to collaborate as a team or show off their skills as an individual know-it-all about the world of gin. At the end of the event, the sommelier will crown one of the guests as the gin queen/king! Our games can be branded exclusively for your event, with your own company colours, logo and event theming.

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