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Are you ready to take part in cutting edge, funny and competitive games in the virtual world? WeHost’s bespoke platform brings friends and colleagues together worldwide, using your favourite meeting software.

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Bringing you the latest interactive, challenging and engaging quiz experience to your devices.

The 1% Club

Are you in the top 1% with the most knowledge in your company? Our National Survey will challenge your team. 

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Based on the popular TV Show, this experience will challenge your trivia mind. Will you top the leaderboard? 


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How do virtual quiz events work?


Using our bespoke web app, anybody can play along with their handheld device!


  • Simply follow our onscreen QR code on your mobile device to get to our quiz website!
  • No signup or email address is required to play. Simply enter your nickname and hit the join button! (Remember your name as you enter it as this will appear on the dynamic individual leaderboard)
  • Run out of charge, no worries, all of our quizzes also work from any web browser!

What are the leaderboards like?


Our handy quiz software constantly updates scores on the leaderboard so you can always see where you are in the current standings.

We can show an individual leaderboard so you can see where you are placed out of all of the participants.


We also show team leaderboards! You can either provide us with your teams before the event, or we can randomise guests into breakout rooms to create teams. You then work as a team and an average score is produced to see who are the most intelligent team! You can even pick your own witty team name and we will upload this to the system at a drop of a hat!


Do you offer events outside of the UK?


Yes! Whilst we entertain face-to-face guests across the United Kingdom, it is great to entertain guests around the globe via our virtual platform!

Please note that for events between 11 pm – 9 am UK time, we do charge an extra £5/$6 per guest to cover the Croupier Hosting your event during unsociable hours. 


Should a prize be organised?


We always complete a winner’s ceremony at the end of your quiz and you can decide whether to compete purely for office bragging rights… or alternatively, you can work with our event planners and organise any array of wonderful prizes to give out the quiz champs!


  • Perhaps crown the top three on the individual winner’s podium
    Reward the winning team members with a prize
  • Even surprise the competitor with the worst score sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard with a wooden spoon prize!
  • No matter what you choose we will spotlight the winners and provide them with their well-deserved moment of glory!

What nights do you offer events?


Any day, Any time! Just let us know your requested date and time by filling in the form and we will try our best to fit you in.

Please bare in mind, Thursday-Sunday is often busy so don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Do you accept tips?


Yes! At the end of your virtual event, we will show a QR Code including a link for any reviews, social media pages and tips. We are very grateful for any of these!