Virtual Tasting Events

Indulge and learn from an experienced sommelier about various different wines; whiskeys; cocktails and gins from around the world. Analyse every sip to discover the various aromas and flavours you can taste in each drink.  

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Wine Tasting

Virtually explore the finest vineyards in the world, sip your packaged wines and learn from your sommelier. 

Whiskey Tasting

Educate your palette, swirl your drink and inhale the aromas as you learn from our experienced host. 

Gin Tasting

Learn about the distillery process, pour your glass and see what flavours you can smell before tasting. 

Cocktail Tasting

Discover the tastes of our tantalising ready-to-pour bottled cocktails. Simply chill, shake, pour and enjoy! 


Your Event

Customise your event with personalised invitations for all of your guests, themed packages or add additional extras to make your evening suit you.

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How many people can take part in virtual tasting experiences?

  • Whether it’s a corporate event, or a small gathering with friends, we can cater for up to 100 guests per tasting. 
  • Let our Sommeliers plan the night and take you on the wonderful tasting journey we offer.

How do tasting experiences work?

  • When booking in your event, our office team will send out a scheduled meeting for all your guests to join as well as an Event Planner for all your optional personalisation requests.
  • Once you have chosen your drink option, these will be couriered to your address list. These will be packaged for you to provide an exciting opening once they reach your door!   
  • You will join the call on your requested date/time and all be greeted by your Event Host in the Main Room.
  • Engage with your host on your meeting to discover the various tastes and smells of each drink. 
  • Re-set your palette before the next drink! 
  • Ask questions and take part in our tasting based trivia. 

Do we ship boxes internationally?

  • Unfortunately, at this time we are only sending boxes to our clients based in the UK although we are in the process of developing our shipping to the USA so don’t hesitate to reach out if you are not in the UK. 

Can you accommodate corporate events? 

  • Yes! Depending on the event size, we have the ability to host multiple different breakout rooms. Our specialist team of planners and sommelier’s will organise the event and amaze your employees / team /clients. 

What nights do you offer events?

  • Any day, Any time! Just let us know your requested date and time by filling in the form and we will try our best to fit you in.
  • Please bare in mind, Thursday-Sunday is often busy so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

What do I need for the tasting??

  • The drinks we provide and a glass
  • Glass of water
  • Empty bucket (to rinse the glass between tastings)
  • Tasting card from your box and pencil
  • A digital device with a microphone and camera
  • Yourself, your palate and a clear diary ready to enjoy the world of tasting!

Can I personalise my event?

  • Include your company or charity logo to further impress your guests.
  • Someone’s birthday? No problem, let’s add a Happy Birthday message during the experience
  • Enjoy the atmosphere music creates – add your very own playlist or request a genre for us to source 
  • And so much more…

Can I choose the drinks?

  • We offer a selection of drinks in different brackets to give you as much variation as possible. This will all be explained in more detail when going through the booking process. However, yes. You will have a large part to play choosing suitable drinks alongside our experienced planners to ensure a smooth, unique and fantastic tasting.